SPECIAL EVENT Sept. 16th, 2014

Special Invitation

Feeling overwhelmed and burned out from living in a bustling, noisy city?

Desire a place to connect with yourself, your intuition, and fellow sensitive, deep feeling creatives?

Have experience or curiosity in Reiki or other healing modalities and desire to learn more, practice, and share?

If so, this night is dedicated to you. 

You are invited to the first-ever,


Night Dedicated to What’s Sacred

Healing mentorship and practice for Undercover Healers


In this evening you will receive:

-       tools for connecting to your healing gifts

-       the opportunity to connect with yourself and get in touch with your intuition and inner wisdom

-       connection with fellow undercover healers who also feel the world deeply

-       the opportunity to offer Reiki (if you are a practitioner at any level)

-       the opportunitiy to receive Reiki or other healing work. 

For those new to it, Reiki is a gentle hands-on-healing modality centered around channeling universal life force energy in the form of love.  I teach this modality as it is an excellent way to connect into your core and authentic self. 

You need no experience in Reiki or other formal healing work to join.  All are welcome.    

The event is happening on Tues. Sept. 16th from 6:30-8:30 pm.  It is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, off the Jefferson L Train. My experience in hosting events is that they fill pretty quickly and space is limited in my lovely living room.  So please let me know right away if you’d like to come by emailing me at darcy@darcyskye.com to reserve your spot.  The event is $20.  I would love to have you join!



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