Feedback on what clients have received in our work together:

Darcy is one of those rare, golden eggs you find in life, who can help you heal and change in an instant!  Her grace, wisdom and healing abilities are of the highest quality.  Darcy gets leaders who are on a spiritual path and need the comfort of loving support for all the journey’s challenges.  She has the uncanny ability to get right to heart of an issue and help you release it for the last time.  Working with Darcy has made me and my business much more effective and streamlined, not to mention profitable!

Julie Steelman

Author of The Effortless Yes, CEO of Effortless Affluence, LLC


Working with Darcy changed my life.  She took me through an inner journey and gave me the confidence I needed within myself to find what I was looking for. She gave me courage and strength to take actions that were very scary for me and guided me along through every action.

Darcy’s work with her clients is an inside job, literally.  Through guided meditations I became willing to look at myself and my strengths in a way I hadn’t before.  Our sessions were very powerful and she helped me overcome objections I had within myself, helping me to see the actual reality of my past work experience and what I was capable of achieving.  She gave me techniques I didn’t know existed.  One particular time before an interview I was so nervous, she guided me through putting on a “calm coat”.  We described what it felt like and how it made me feel.  Hence I was able to go into interviews as my calm and genuine self.

Darcy’s energy is like that of no person I have ever met. She was my personal cheerleader, she remembered everything we had talked about in previous sessions so when I was blocked with fear, she had references about myself that I had forgotten about.  She helped me heal the ripples of fear that I felt about having to go back into the job market when I was convinced that I wouldn’t get a job.

Her spirituality, her connection with me as her client and her commitment to get me to the other side was very moving and effective.   She helped me to get to the positive immediately when I was stuck in the negative and gave me hope about what my future could and would look like if I believed, and followed through with the journey we embarked on together.

I followed through, trusted and believe her and tomorrow I begin my new job in Telecom sales, an industry that I didn’t believe I was capable of re-entering and I am forever grateful.

Chris, Sales Manager


“If you’re a successful business owner, you’ve got outer game. But what may be keeping you from getting to the next level of success is all about your inner game. Darcy Skye is BRILLIANT at helping you connect to, honor, and nurture your inner stamina. With heart, vision, and intuition, she helps you discover where you may be blocked, provides powerful tools for getting unblocked, and sets the scene to help YOU become the business leader you’re meant to become. In a word, PRICELESS!”
– Lisa Steadman, Chief Woohoo Woman, Woohoo, Inc.


I honestly cant even put into words how grateful I am that I hired Darcy, I loved working with her, she is the most amazing, beautiful, caring, loving, soft, non-judgmental person! I love that she incorporates many different mediums into her work such as tapping, reiki, energy healing, meditations, affirmations and more, which has helped me in so many ways!

Darcy has helped me face some huge fears in my life, looking deeply at things that were holding me back, my beliefs, releasing stuck negative emotions and forgiveness in a way that I never thought possible, things that I had held onto for years!

Darcy really listens and provide such loving support, as well as some awesome meditations and tools that I can use for the rest of my life! She provides a safe place for me to face my pain, my feelings, let go of old self sabotaging patterns and move through them. I had never been able to see anything in meditations and never really believed I would, but after a few sessions with Darcy I saw colors, images and felt a lot of energy running through my body. I have also had very amazing vivid dreams since working with Darcy, along with a deep inner feeling of strength & power, a strength that I have never felt before, one that grows weekly!

I have been breaking through many barriers and fears, my energy levels have been amazing, after a 14 hour day I no longer feel drained, I don’t feel drained around others anymore, I feel much more confident in myself, my voice has before much more stronger and confident, I am able to say no without feeling guilty, I have noticed my gym workouts and harder and longer than ever before without feeling tired, I am feeling more power and abundant in all areas of my life. I am really showing up for life more each day instead of hiding, escaping and numbing myself from the world and others. I have felt so safe to open up to Darcy and share things that I have never shared before in my life.

Before working with Darcy, I really felt more connected to food and alcohol than I did with other people, I used food, alcohol, sex, anything to escape my feelings, fears, pain, to feel good, to feel free, confident and to feel loved because I didnt feel these things naturally! I really was stuck and I felt really hopeless, worthless, like others didnt value me or like me for who I really was,I was truly living in fear, fear of others, the world, facing myself, even looking in the mirror. I truly believe I was ugly and really not good enough. Darcy has really helped me heal on all levels and reconnect with my own

body, learn to love myself and take care of myself. I started truly loving who I am, appreciating me, buying myself gifts, taking care of myself, knowing that I am always loved and my outer world changed dramatically in all areas! Now most days I am so happy, grateful to be alive, excited and feel blessed to be me.

Darcy has taught me to be aware of my feelings, thoughts and how they create my world. I have noticed all my close relationships have become much more close, deep, meaningful and real where as before I was living a lie, always putting others first and doing what I thought they wanted instead of being true to myself.

Darcy has been my cheerleader, there every step of the way to help me look within at things that I have thought were too painful or scary to face for years! Darcy is a miracle worker and anyone would be so lucky to work with her. She helped me getting in

touch with who I really am, face my fears and improve all areas of my life and that is something priceless.

Phoebe, Makeup Artist

An excerpt from an email from Phoebe:

“I wanted to share with you that also on the morning after our Celebration call I got hired to work on JLO’s new music video and I am helping a friend working on all the dancers in the video. WOW! Talk about my hugest dreams coming true! When I look back and think as a teenager in a tiny beach town in little New Zealand dreaming of making it as a makeup artist in Hollywood and all my dreams are really coming true!

I am in absolute awe and wonder that I am blessed to work on Jennifer Lopez’s music video this weekend!!! I cant even believe it!!! I cried I was so happy and excited! Nothing is impossible and our wildest dreams really can come true, if we LET them and believe in ourselves!!

Thank you so much for being my mentor, my cheerleader, for believing in me when I did not believe in myself and accepting me and being a safe place for me to face my fears and help me truly transform my life!!”


I have worked closely with Darcy over the past two years and find her to possess a unique combination of passion, creativity and brilliance.  I highly recommend Darcy without hesitation to friends, family, and patients alike.

-Dr. Patricia Zub, MD


Darcy has a gift.  When she listens, she listens not just with her ears, but fully with her heart and her mind.  She truly cares, and is able to pinpoint the issues that are challenging a client and find ways to make positive resolutions.  She is intuitive, and shines her light on how best to help an individual work through current issues and harness their strength. When working with Darcy, her attention is unwavering and her compassion, undeniable.  I commend you for choosing to work with such a gifted professional and know you will enjoy a uniquely personal experience with her.

-Susan Themeli, Teacher


Darcy is a very talented, insightful and powerful coach. She has a unique ability to help you uncover your deepest desires…and then has the smarts and organization to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. Serendipitous experiences began unfolding the moment I began working with Darcy, and by the time our work concluded, I had a new (and ideal) job along with a roadmap for starting my own business on the side. That business has continued to grow and believe me, a big chunk of that is due to my work with Darcy. I recommend her services to anyone I know looking for a more satisfying career and life.
~Maggie, Marketing Director


Working with Darcy enabled me to feel more in charge of my own life and turn depression into fuel for making change.  I feel that my life is much better now because working with Darcy gave me tools to help me better steer my life and work in the direction I want it go.  I find ways to make things happen for myself that I would not have done before. Career-wise my job has completely changed and I recently secured my dream job in radio.  I would not have instigated this transition on my own without Darcy’s guidance.

~Kelsey, Radio Producer


Darcy’s healing abilities are amazing and I can’t wait for another session with her!  I have felt like something has shifted within me both physically and spiritually each time I have gone to her.

-Rosemary, Nurse