Express Your Heart’s Calling Program

Full Expression of Who You Are is Your Greatest Gift to the World

A transformational program combining inner wisdom coaching and energy work

White Flower in Hand

This program is for you if you’re passionate, soulful and DONE with:

  • Taking on other people’s limiting beliefs of what is possible for YOU.
  • Exchanging your passion and zest for life for false security.
  • Persistent doubts and fears clouding your ability to create fulfilling work.
  • Oppressive environments that stifle your creativity and leave you drained and dissatisfied.
  • Jumping from idea to idea and not bringing any of them to fruition.

Ready to say YES to:

  • Bringing your vision for the world into your day-to-day reality.
  • Living your full potential with joy, aligned with your purpose.
  • Making money while staying connected with your heart.
  • Confidence and trust in your ability, skill, and natural talent.
  • Standing up for your true worth and value in all aspects of your work.
  • Giving your creativity full expression.
  • Being a powerful agent of change in the world.

I work best with those who have a deep desire to live their heart’s calling.  You may be a:

  • Woman who has studied many techniques and is confused about what professional box you fit in. You’re not even sure what to call yourself.
  • Healing practitioner lacking confidence to bring in the number of clients you need for your practice.
  • Coach who loves to be of service, but hates selling.  You’re giving everything away for free and you’re exhausted.  You’re ready to learn how to stay aligned with your values while also making a living.
  • Talented massage therapist who struggles to communicate the deep level of healing your techniques provide.
  • Highly creative professional with an abundance of ideas.  Now you need to sustain your enthusiasm to see a project through and bring it to fruition.
  • Makeup artist who is highly sensitive and takes on the anxiety of your clients, leaving you drained at the end of the day.
  • Burned-out executive who is done feeling like you need to check who you are at the door of the office, and instead bring all parts of yourself to your career.
  • Gifted counselor who is horrified you’re starting to feel resentful of your clients and want to reconnect to your passion and purpose.
  • Woman who loves to be of service but you are taking care of everyone else above yourself.
  • Loyal person who loves deeply and going through a challenging relationship transition.  You need support reconnecting to yourself.

If these statements resonate for you I want to offer you Express Your Heart’s Calling, a transformational program that takes you step-by-step through 8 Empowerment Themes:

1. Activate Sacred Play – Sparking Your Creative Flame

When we begin a process of development it is all too common to make it a ‘serious’ task.  We can feel the ‘seriousness’ take over our bodies and mindsets.  We feel a sense of lack, not enough-ness, striving for something outside of us.  But that attitude doesn’t allow us to be in full co-creation with the Universe.  Therefore a foundational piece of the program is to activate your ability to bring a sense of lightness and play to your work and life.  From here, all else can be created.  At your core you are infinitely creative, passionate, and exuberant.  Through our work you reconnect to your wellspring of creativity by releasing blocks to fully expressing yourself.  This allows you to innovate new ideas and attract important resources to you.  Once your creative flame is sparked, you take concrete actions to ground your ideas and bring them to fruition.

2. Connect With Your Inner Wisdom

In order to tap into your heart’s calling, it’s important that you connect in with yourself.  In this theme you learn techniques, tools, and spiritual disciplines that will connect you to your Wise Inner Self where you find continual guidance, love, and support of your highest visions.  This includes connecting in with your body and using the chakra system as our guide we explore what your body wisdom is telling you and you learn how to translate its messages into outer action.

3. Claim Your Divine Purpose

Your purpose is who you are, it’s not what you do.  In this theme you connect with your heart-centered purpose.  From there we look at possibilities of what that means you could do.  Keeping in mind that a state of being is the true expression of who you are, we look to bring who you are into what you do, bringing you a greater sense of fulfillment and peace.

4. Transform Your Inner Critic to Inner Ally – Create a Peace Treaty with Fear

In this theme you learn how to recognize your inner critic, separate it from the wise part of yourself, and transform that energy of criticism into a supportive ally.  You can live your heart’s calling with more ease and joy when the inner critic changes her tune and becomes aligned with your big visions and goals.  This means you are forming a peace treaty with fear.  You’re not pushing it back or pretending its not there.  You’re working with the fear to actually allow it to process through an no longer hold you back.

5. Release Limiting Beliefs

Many of the fears and limiting beliefs that come up are there just because you’ve thought them so many times.  We work on a process that allows you to release your limiting, negative beliefs that hold you back and keep you small.   You learn processes for creating new, more aligned belief patterns that support you and your heart’s calling at your core.

 6. Work With Your Gift of Sensitivity

As someone with a desire to be of service in the world, you have a gift of empathy and sensitivity that allows you to feel and sense things very deeply.  This means others appreciate your ability to listen and understand them.  They feel better being around you, and they come to you to relieve their stress and anxiety.  You want to be of service to others, however, managing your gift of sensitivity is important.  This theme teaches you how to protect yourself lovingly, so you can be of service to others without feeling depleted and drained.  When you protect yourself, you don’t need to go to negative behaviors in order to unload the feelings, you create nourishing practices for yourself that replenish and revive you.

 7. See Time and Money as Neutral Resources Here to Support You

Time and money are, in truth, neutral resources, but we can attach a lot of baggage to them.  In this theme we get clear on your relationship with time and money, clear the baggage and capitalize on them as resources to help you move into fulfilling and satisfying work.

8. Flex Your Courage Muscle with Action

This theme is woven throughout the entire program.  At each step you are taking action to create new patterns in alignment with your heart’s calling.  Through the inner work you’ve done, you are propelled forward.  Now the outer work is no longer a struggle and point of stress.  You can confidently move forward in concrete, step-by-step actions towards a career, business, and life you love.  The actions that previously felt too scary, that you couldn’t seem to discipline yourself to do, and that seemed just out of reach, you are now fully capable of doing and sustaining. (Seriously!  It’s truly magical to see this happen).  You are supported in this outer work with nuts-and-bolts items including personalized job search tools, marketing steps, and strategic plans.

All programs include:

  • 60-minute inner wisdom coaching and energy work sessions, either in-person or by phone.
  • This powerful combination allows your mind to clear through blocks and create solutions through coaching, while energy work allows you to integrate change on an energetic level, releasing fears throughout your entire system.  The coaching allows your mind to think change, while the energy work allows your body to feel change. This combination brings your entire system into alignment for achieving your goals.
  • Email support between sessions.
  • Recordings of our phone sessions.
  • Visualizations to get you in the feeling energy of what you desire and thereby attracting it to you with greater ease.
  • Sound healing to clear blocks and get you in resonance with your deepest desires.
  • Spiritual disciplines to supplement your learning and growth.

Personalized exercises, homework and tools including:

  • Accountability structure to stay focused.
  • Immediate real life applications for new skills gained.
  • Meditative exercises for clarity and focus.
  • Affirmations to clear out mental clutter and create a supportive environment for taking action.
  • Support in creating documents such as resumes, cover letters, connection emails, and proposals.

If you’re READY to Express Your Heart’s Calling in the world I’d love to connect with you.  Email me at and be on the road to a fulfilling, aligned, heart-centered life and career path!