Can Human Love be Divine?

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In the Undercover Healer Training Program I create audio recordings and send them to clients.  As I was making one the other day explaining Reiki energy I got into a mind wrestle.

I spoke about how Reiki energy is universal life force energy in the frequency of love.  (Isn’t that so Bad-A**?! When you think about it, it’s incredible.  Its energy from both the 4th chakra (heart) and 7th chakra (top of head, connection with the divine).  One of the colors of the 7th chakra is purple, which is why many visual intuition people see Reiki energy as purple).  

This is all amazing  - so what was my mind getting all worked up about?  

Well – as I was talking about this love energy I thought about the associations we connect with love and an important distinction here.  I have always taught that this ain’t the human love we most often think about.  This is a different type of thing – Divine Love.  And those two are different.  Or are they?  That last question was a new one for me.  

In teaching the difference I sited how human love can feel oh so wonderful “I love you so much until the end of time” but it can just as easily feel cloying, sticky, and “I scratch your back and you scratch mine”.  


Like marriages ending in nasty divorces with fights over possessions.  There is love there – no doubt about it – but where is it?  It is coming out in the form of bile and hate right now, so is THAT the energy of Reiki?  

No.  It’s not.  

So that’s why I have always taught the distinction between the frequency of love that Reiki comes in and our associations with human-based love.  It was a source of pride in my classes that I spoke about this ‘other love.’

But this time in teaching I felt a snag in my air-tight system.  

The snag comes in a 22 lb package.  My 6-month old son.  What is the love i feel for him?  Is it the human love I talked about?  Conditional, scratchy-backy, sticky?  

I go to a conversation I had with one of my Wise Mommy Mentors – where she said a line I had to write down and repeat to myself over and over, “There are many reasons to cloth diaper – your child’s affection is not one of them.”

Cause I had gotten stuck in a spiral with my little one.  Wondering does he really love ME? Or does he just love what I DO for him?

She helped to remind me that he IS love.  and I AM love to him.  And so I am both love AND the ride to the window.  I am both love AND his meal.  We are not separate.  My utility and me as love are not separate.

So is THIS the love of Reiki?  this Beingness of embodying Love to someone and them embodying love to me?

Yes.  I think it is.  

But its so HUMAN.  It blows my air-tight system away.  

Deep breath.  

Before I had Cassius I didn’t think human love could feel the divineness of unconditionality.  But now I’m not so sure.  This is all very new to me, and its changing how I teach Reiki, and frankly, what I see as possible in the world.  

Divine love is all about unconditionality.  Not having the slightest thing to do with what you have done, are doing, or will do.  the love just is.  always will be.  no work for it.  Nothing to strive for, just something to take in, receive, feel.

A teacher of mine once told me that I make love something that is hard to come by, not the surrendering into that it really is.  I GET that now, in a way I didn’t before.  That is the nature of Divine Love.  

And it just might come in a human package.

my best,


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