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The Crying Baby and the Midnight Muse

12:32 am: Usually he’s woken up three times by now, but tonight he’s fast asleep.  My go-to excuse for not writing is a 12-month old- and he’s such a champ with the interruptions.  Since he’s quiet I’m left to my … Continue reading

Introducing Undercover Healers

Hello and happy Aug. 29th to you all!! I am pretty darn giddy to be sending out this newsletter – my first ever newsletter in my 6 years in business. Wow – that feels significant. What was I waiting for … Continue reading

Integration of life and work

my son is sleeping after a rough night of cramps.  He tried broccoli for the first time last night and although he loved it and munched and munched  - it seems it didn’t go through his system very easily.  So … Continue reading

When It all Feels Like Too Much

You ever have the feeling like the world is just too much?  Too many expectations?  Too much to do?  Too much pressing down from all sides?  I so get that.  I not only lived with this feeling for decades but … Continue reading