Introducing Undercover Healers

Hello and happy Aug. 29th to you all!!

I am pretty darn giddy to be sending out this newsletter – my first ever newsletter in my 6 years in business. Wow – that feels significant.

What was I waiting for all this time?  A message that felt ready to be shouted from the rooftops, I guess.  And now here I am – dusty from a long road, with my beautiful 10-month son, Cassius, in tow – ready to open up.

Feels liberating, exciting and also scary.  It’s that beautiful alchemical mixture of evolution, growth and change.  And what better time than as we head into the conclusion of summer and into the time of harvest?

What I am sharing about came together during a late-night feeding/walking/rocking session with Cassius where I was internally questioning what in the world I’m doing with my work – what is it all about?  Who does it serve?  What am I doing anyway?  And in that 3 am style of clarity, something appeared - Undercover Healers.  It’s what I am, it’s who I am meant to serve, it’s the name of the work I am called to share.  I am proud and humbled to be able to share it here.


Here is a picture of me and our little guy enjoying the ocean for the first time – so many firsts this summer – for him and for me!

Introducing Undercover Healers

The work of Undercover Healers is meant to get to the root of healing.  It demystifies and brings it from an out-of-reach realm and into the beautiful mystery of our everyday lives. Healing work is about engaging in the mystery of life all around us.  The cycles of birth, growth, regeneration, transformation, death – it is within us all to understand these cycles deeply and get to the root of healing.

What I believe is that no matter your livelihood or profession, if you contribute to creating connection – to oneself, between others, and to the Earth – you are a healer.

This connection dissolves conflict.

And where conflict dissolves, there is healing.


I call this work ‘undercover’ because healers can be found everywhere – in every profession, within any subject matter.  We are bartenders, bakers, yoga teachers, school teachers, administrative assistants, massage therapists, naturalists, architects, artists, coaches, therapists, graphic designers, animal lovers, program managers, and on and on and on.

The important thing isn’t what we do, it’s how we do it.

We connect.  And through connection, we are healers.

But coming to understand our healing gifts, manage them, and express them authentically is an ongoing journey, and that’s where this work and our community comes in to support and guide us.

Undercover Healers are:

- creative

- deep feeling

- sensitive

- intuitive

- empathic

- spiritual yet grounded

- desire to live a life of purpose

- value deep connection

In my own life I always felt like an outsider to the word ‘Healer.’ I felt that healing work was only done by ultra-enlightened gurus.  That a young woman from a small town in Michigan couldn’t hope to attain the ranks of being a healer.

What I have come to realize, through a lot of soul searching, research, experimentation and practice, practice, practice – is that healing work is not for the few, or the gurus on high.  It’s for so many of us.

So as I introduce this work, and this community I’m wondering what this stirs within you.  Where do you see yourself fitting into healing work, from this definition?  Where do you see you create connection in your life – either to yourself, to others or to the Earth – or all three?

I offer an opportunity below to engage in this work at another level – an invitation to join me in connecting to what is sacred in our everyday lives and feel that within ourselves and in community.  It is in-person in Brooklyn, NY.  For my community that is spread across the country and globe, I will have more opportunities for virtual connection coming soon.   I hope you’ll join me.

My best,



Special Invitation

Feeling overwhelmed and burned out from living in a bustling, noisy city?

Desire a place to connect with yourself, your intuition, and fellow sensitive, deep feeling creatives?

Have experience or curiosity in Reiki or other healing modalities and desire to learn more, practice, and share?

If so, this night is dedicated to you.

You are invited to the first-ever,

Night Dedicated to What’s Sacred

Healing mentorship and practice for Undercover Healers


In this evening you will receive:

-       tools for connecting to your healing gifts

-       the opportunity to connect with yourself and get in touch with your intuition and inner wisdom

-       connection with fellow undercover healers who also feel the world deeply

-       the opportunity to offer Reiki (if you are a practitioner at any level)

-       the opportunitiy to receive Reiki.

For those new to it, Reiki is a gentle hands-on-healing modality centered around channeling universal life force energy in the form of love.  I teach this modality as it is an excellent way to connect into your core and authentic self.

You need no experience in Reiki or other formal healing work to join.  All are welcome.

The event is happening on Tues. Sept. 16th from 6:30-8:30 pm.  It is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, off the Jefferson L Train. My experience in hosting events is that they fill pretty quickly and space is limited in my lovely living room.  So please let me know right away if you’d like to come by emailing me at to reserve your spot.  The event is $20.  I would love to have you join!


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