When It all Feels Like Too Much

You ever have the feeling like the world is just too much?  Too many expectations?  Too much to do?  Too much pressing down from all sides?  I so get that.  I not only lived with this feeling for decades but it still comes back to play.

As sensitive, creative, deep feelers, the world can feel like too much a lot of the time.  It may become a constant feeling in the background that we forget there’s a different way to feel.  Its so important to recognize that this feeling can go away and you can feel balanced and peaceful more often.

This morning I woke up like a piano had taken residence on top of my chest.  And back.  And head.  Heavy.  Muck-like.  Slogging through, I was irritable, snappy.  Low patience level for my little guy.  It all just felt like too much.

Does this feel familiar?

I’ve learned a few things that DON’T work when I’m feeling this way.

What Doesn’t Work when it all feels like too much:

1) Figure it out – my go-to no matter how much work I’ve done is to try to ‘figure out why’ I feel this way.  What’s the REASON?  Its like I’m looking for the perpetrator of my dismay and depression and when i find IT all will be well.  Sorry fellas- that is a mind game, and although I have found excellent ‘reasons’ why I’m in a funk it doesn’t truly help me to release it and move forward.  It can keep me stuck.  Its like the same energy that got me into the depression pickle is trying to get me out of it and that’s not effective.  So let’s cross THINKING IT OUT off the list.

2)  Grin and Bear it.  I’m a strong cookie.  So I can withstand a crapload of icky feelings inside and put a smile on my face so the world thinks All Is Well within.  This repression technique is icky to the core and perpetuates the feeling of isolation inside.  So let’s skip right pass this doozy.

3)  Destruction Agenda. This one is about what external object or thing can fake fill the neediness inside.  My crutch in this category is food.  Sugary, fatty, dense food.  Often the cheaper and quicker the better.  This is a way I get love and sweetness from an external object that I can completely control.  The activity of eating (or put your addiction of choice here – tv, sex, alcohol, complaining, feeling better than, arguing, picking on, drugs, working, etc.) works to stuff your true self so that you have the feeling of being full, but its really an empty promise.  My food coma, headache, and nausea prove its empty every time.  Cause a real solution wouldn’t ADD distance and problems, it would create closeness, intimacy, and connection.

And that’s where we come to the things that DO work.  This is a working list, here’s my latest on what I’ve found can help me shake those ‘The World Is Too Much” Blues.

What Does Work when it all feels like too much

1) Do Something That Scares Me – This one works if the thing that scares me is in alignment with a primary goal of mine.  Let me give an example.  Today I awoke with that ‘ICK’ feeling and I am also teaching Reiki today.  Teaching is something I love and it is a primary goal of mine to express myself in that way.  A woman I deeply respect and enjoy her company was coming to my house and learning how to channel Reiki.  It was scary that she was coming at a time when I would be with my 7-month old and I was going to ‘see how it goes.’  I dream of having a casual teaching practice where I teach alongside living my life.  No masks or fake professionalism.  A comfortable practice that includes all parts of my life, including my son.  An overall FEELING of love in the house as we learn Reiki, a technique about channeling love energy.  Full alignment.

But I was scared.  What if Cassius cries?  What if its distracting and not a good practice?  What if I’m an idiot?

So I did it.  And the moment she walked in the door and greeted my cat I felt amazing.  This is something I’ve wanted to create and I am in the process of it now.  That felt great and I felt the piano get lighter and lighter and lighter.

2) Move.  Get some energy moving.  Just like in the list of things that DON’T work, my mind is often what gets me into the depression pickle, so its not the thing to get me out.  My body can help here.  So move it.  I dance to hot music, go for a brisk walk in the park, stomp my feet on the ground, shout it out, hit a pillow, beat a yoga mat against the couch, move some energy and take some deep breaths.  When I do this technique it takes a few rounds of movement through the day to shake the blues, but it is effective.  Gets me out of my head and into my body.  and in my body is the present moment.  And that’s a blues fighter.

**A Note about using movement – I find that in using this technique I am really making a commitment to shake off the blues.  Cause a way to tell myself I’m working on it is to THINK about it (but that’s b.s. because it doesn’t work).  A way to DO something about it is to move.  So if you’re willing to move that’s a great thing.  

3) Bring Awareness.  For this technique I activate the observer within me and watch myself from afar.  This helps me bring more lightness to my life and situation and it allows me to discover creative solutions I didn’t see before.  Using this technique has helped me to get the motivation to get out of the house and enjoy a new park, write a blog post, reach out and connect with someone who I feel great around.  This technique is different than using my logic to ‘figure out’ the problem.  I’m not figuring anything out here, I’m just observing without judgement.  and whenever I do that I feel lighter and it activates my creativity.  Being present without judgment is a very healing feeling and you can offer it to yourself (isn’t that cool?)

Today I am feeling so much better after using technique 1 of Doing Something that Scares Me.  So now I’m doing the second thing that scares me and posting this blog about my process.  I’m on a roll.

my best,



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