Integration of life and work

my son is sleeping after a rough night of cramps.  He tried broccoli for the first time last night and although he loved it and munched and munched  - it seems it didn’t go through his system very easily.  So crying, fart, smile.  Rinse and repeat.

While he slept I got a text from a student that she was running behind – she had cramps all morning.


Perfect segway into the topic of today’s writing – integration.

Why do we put such a barrier between life and work?  When clearly they are integrated and connected.

My client is coming over while my baby is here with us.  He might be sleeping.  He might wake and then we can give him attention.

Our subject matter is learning Reiki – and channeling Universal Life Force energy in the frequency of love.   Cassius has so much to teach us about love.  I’m excited he’ll be here with us – and a little nervous.  Its untraditional.

We are so accustomed to a strong barrier between life and work.  My inner critic says, “get a babysitter silly (one of her nicer adjectives to describe me).  How unprofessional to have a paying student come while your 8-month old is here.”

And then I checked in on that.  I checked in on the reality of the situation vs. the critic’s opinion.  The reality is this student and I feel a connection for each other.  We respect each other and our lives and there is space to explain that when she comes over for learning Cassius will be here with us.  And she was honestly excited to spend time with him while she learns this new modality.  A win-win.

Not a ‘should’ – I SHOULD get a babysitter if I’m a professional teacher.  More like a checking in on the reality of the moment and the connection I have with the people I work with – and a trusting of the love between all of us.  And honest communication.

What would our world be like if we all felt integrated between our life and work?  What if they weren’t separate things that always require a professional response.  What if we showed up as just who we are for the work we do?


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